Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, can be embarrassing and distressing.  Excessive sweating, is a common disorder which produces a lot of unhappiness but can be resolved by hyperhidrosis treatment botox injections. The symptoms can be unsightly and lead to lifestyle modifications to hide the symptoms, such as wearing jumpers or jackets in Summer.

Our team can provide appropriate counseling and treatment, if suitable, to improve your hyperhidrosis and related symptoms. Hyperhidrosis Treatment uses injections of Botulinum Toxin to reduce your body’s ability to sweat, most common for excessive armpit sweating. Research has shown it’s a common condition that affects both men and women, whether through sweaty hands, sweaty feet, sweaty armpits, sweating at night or profuse sweating in general. You can access and book this service in any of our skin clinics around Manchester, Liverpool, Cumbria, Derby, and London (Harley Street).


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  • Procedure

    Each treatment usually takes an average of 15 minutes

  • Recovery

    Most treatment related symptoms will settle within 24 hours

  • Procedure

    Hyperhydrosis treatment costs, on average, £400 per treatment

Products We Use :
Any Botulinum toxin type A product can be used for Hyperhidrosis treatment, including the brand Botox which is licensed for excessive armpit sweating.

How many treatments do I need?
Most people will require 3-4 treatments per year to maintain a reduction in armpit sweating all year. However, during colder months these symptoms are often less of an issue.


    I have to give 5 stars for Dr.Viks clinic in Rodney street. He is the best aesthetics doctor in Liverpool so happy I have finally found someone I can trust for all my beauty procedures.

    Very professional and genuinely cares for his clients I highly recommend

    - Michelle

    First class service I am completely overwhelmed with the results. I had a filler in my lips which I was really happy with and then I returned to the clinic to have some botox to remove a frown line between my eyes which I have had for years. I can’t believe that after one treatment this line has completely disappeared. Lovely staff who make you feel really comfortable – I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is considering this type of treatment.

    - Simone

    I have been with Vic since he first came to Whitehaven and haven’t left.
    Previously I have had treatments from other providers but from my first visit I felt in safe hands and have always had great results.
    I only recommend treatments when I have been happy with the outcome and I am always happy to recommend Vik when people ask me who has done my treatments.
    Overall great service

    - Fay Anthony

    My Husband and I have been seeing Dr Vikram for a number of years. His skill and knowledge is second to none. Dr Vikram is so friendly and reassuring, he immediately puts you at ease. A great doctor who will work closely and professionally with their client to achieve the desired look, but also with honesty and integrity. Best in the business as far as we are concerned!

    - Nikki O'Brien
Hyperhidrosis Treatment FAQs
Can I go back to work after my aesthetic treatment?

Most aesthetics treatments are very well tolerated. There is always a risk of a bruise or swelling following treatment, so we advise our patients to plan their treatments for appropriate times.

What do I do after an aesthetic treatment?

We advise that you keep the treated areas clean and avoid exercise for a period of 24 hours following treatment. Your specific aesthetic treatment aftercare will be explained to you by our team during your consultation and following treatment.

Do I get any support or follow-up after my treatment at Clinic@?

Clinic@ aims to provide the highest standards of care and service. All our patients can see a doctor for a review following treatment, and our team are on hand over the phone to help you with any other questions.

How many treatments do I need?

Most people will require 3-4 treatments per year to maintain a reduction in armpit sweating all year. However, during colder months these symptoms are often less of an issue.

Will I still look natural after my aesthetic treatment at Clinic@?

Our team is focused on delivering providing natural results. We want you to look and feel your best and hope our services at Clinic@ can help you achieve this so you can go back to wearing t-shirt in summer without hiding under your jumper in hot weather from excessive sweating.

Who carries out aesthetic treatments at Clinic@?

All our aesthetic treatments are performed by trained medical practitioners, led by doctors.