With fully bespoke appointments, tailored completely to your goals, wants and needs, and doctor-led treatment plans that are built from the ground up, Clinic@ offers you a completely customised, completely unique experience. All anti-ageing treatments including use of Botox, lines & wrinkle reduction and Dermal, Cheek and Lip fillers and lifts are performed by Dr Vikram at his clinics @ Harley Street London, Canary wharf Clinic, Wimpole Street London, Clinic@Derby, Mosley Street Manchester, Rodney Street Liverpool and Whitehaven Cumbria locations.

From facial assessments through to detailed treatment planning and a multimodal, holistic communications style that keeps the patient at the forefront of all our work, Clinic@ is entirely designed to create the best end result possible; working with you to give you the results you want.

Experts in creating unique cosmetic treatment plans that take into account the patient’s needs, their bone structure and the natural contours of their face, and with beautiful, natural looking enhancements, Clinic@ can treat the effects of age, rejuvenate your appearance and enhance your features so that the you on the outside matches the you on the inside. So whether you’re looking for anti-ageing treatments in Liverpool or Manchester, facial rejuvenation in Harley Street or a tailored cosmetics plan from Canary Wharf, Clinic@ is there to take you through every step of the process.