Our specialists use dermal fillers to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance. Dermal fillers are the most versatile of treatment as they can help to correct volume loss in the face and can be used to enhance facial features, such as cheeks and lips. We offer a variety of dermal filler treatments at Clinic@, using the best known international brands such as Juvederm®Dermal fillers, Teosyal®, and Belotero®. These are all non-permanent Hyaluronic Acid based products, which naturally biodegrade over time.

Prodecure Details:
Dermal filler is injected into the treatment area i.e. under the skin using a fine needle. The gel-like substance will plump and fill out sunken areas, firming the skin and allowing wrinkles to be lifted. These injections are usually very well tolerated and you can often see an immediate improvement.

Treatment areas:
Skin fillers can offer many of the benefits of a face lift without the risks and downtime often associated with surgical procedures. Cheeks, Nose-to-lip (Nasolabial) fold, Mouth corners and jowls (Marionettes), Lips, Chin and Jawline, Fine lines and wrinkles, Forehead restructuring, Temporal hollowness, Under eye hollowness (Tear Trough), Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, Facial contouring.

During your consultation our specialists will go over your specific aftercare related to your treatment. If you have any concerns in the following days you are able to contact our clinic and return for a review with one of our specialists if needed. You can access and book this service in any of our skin clinics around Liverpool, Manchester, Cumbria, Derby and London.

Arrange a Consultation

  • Evening and Weekend Consultations Available

    We can work around your schedule.

  • Dentists and Doctors
    with aesthetic interests

    All practitioners are fully qualified.

  • Procedure

    Each treatment usually takes an average of 15 minutes

  • Recovery

    Most treatment related symptoms will settle within 48 hours

  • Procedure

    Dermal Filler treatments costs, on average, £150 per treatment

What Products do we use:
Juvederm®, Teosyal®, and Belotero®




    I have being going to Dr Vikram regularly for a couple of years now, both for Botox in two areas as well as lip augmentation. I am always absolutely delighted with the results I gain from his treatments. I can’t recommend highly enough. He is always very friendly, whilst also being thorough in gaining an understanding of your goals and expectations. I cannot fault him; he is a very pleasant doctor and always makes me feel at ease, whilst delivering excellent results 🙂 I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my face now that’s for sure!

    - Anjuli

    Vik is always honest and professional when completing my procedures, I am always delighted with the results of his work and trust him entirely with my face. Through this i have recommended friends and family and will continue to do so.

    - Emily Howell

    So happy with everything I have had botox! Fillers! About to have a skin peel can’t wait. Dr Vikram is second to none .Very polite makes u feel relaxed and nos exactly what treatment u need .I have tried many different people and I must say nobody meets his standards.Excellent and very very professional unlike some I have been to

    - Allison Crellin
Dermal Fillers FAQs
How do dermal fillers work?

These biocompatible agents are injected under the skin to immediately improve your aesthetic concern. They are very good at softening the signs of ageing and enhancing facial features. The effects naturally fade over time.

How long do treatments last?

Anti-wrinkle treatment effects last an average of three months. Dermal filler treatment effects can last from three to 12 months or more, depending on the areas treated and products use. Treatment effects are variable between individuals and will be discussed with you by our doctors during your consultation.

Will I still look natural after my aesthetic treatment at Clinic@?

Our team is focused on delivering providing natural results. We want you to look and feel your best and hope our services at Clinic@ can help you achieve this.

How much is an aesthetic consultation at Clinic@?

We do not charge for consultations or treatment planning with our team at Clinic@. We welcome you to come have a consultation with one of the team.

I am under 18 years of age, can I still have treatment?

Unfortunately not. As these treatments are not medically essential but do carry risks, we require you to be able to provide your own consent for treatment.

I am over 65 years of age, can I still have treatment?

Regardless of age, we all have our cosmetic concerns. Although certain treatments are not licensed for use beyond the age of 65 years, our Doctors are able to use their clinical judgment to decide if they will be still beneficial and can help with you age related concerns.

Will I be refused treatment on the day?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer all patients an aesthetic treatment. Some reasons why (but not exclusively) include if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or are actively breast feeding. Also, anti-wrinkle treatments can not be performed if you suffer with a general neuromuscular disorder.